Absolutely perfect for movies. Mainstream support includes, but is not limited to, drivers for new hardware, updated drivers, security, fixes, patches, or updated software. Installing both XP and Vista might limit the amount of space that you have available for other applications, which might degrade performance. The Dell M takes it a step further by adding a metallic handle so you can carry the machine like a briefcase. The utilities help you calibrate the battery, switch the display using the shortcut keys, quick lock the system, and use Wireless functions.

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Even if a third-party company or Windows itself can provide generic drivers that allow all of your devices to operate, x performance of your HP computer might be less than optimal.

Noise-wise, this machine is absolutely silent. How was it watching television? Select Propertiesand then select the Hardware tab. To me the battery serves as more of a UPS-system than anything else.

The river of LED-lit multimedia keys that extends across all 20 inches at the top of the keyboard can easily give the Toshiba Qosmio GAV a run for its money. Dual-booting is not recommended While documentation on how to use dual-booting might be available on the web, HP does not support computers that have been set up in a dual-boot configuration. Anyways for a little more Aussie dosh, I walked into a Harvey Norman store 2 weeks ago and there it was, along with 3 other ascending in price models!


So graphically its rather good? Click Update Driverand allow Windows to search the computer and the web for the proper driver.

Drivers for HP Pavilion HDX9000 notebooks Bluetooth devices

Is there any way I can get a copy of it? Shut down and restart the computer before installing the new version of the utilities. Sweet Zombie Jesus, HP! It’s not as advanced as the LCD-equipped, gyroscopic remote that comes with the M, but integration xo a key selling point.

Because it is embedded into the panel, it only allows for slight vertical tilt adjustments. The dual-boot requires hardware drivers for both operating systems, and HP does not provide drivers for components that were not designed for the specific operating system. I have the little bro to this beast.

The integrated webcam sits neatly inside the top bevel of the display screen. It seens dragon will fill in the requirement.

Windows XP on HDX9000

Now he spends his time with Google Reader, the iPhone 3G, and his now 3-year old son. As a result, some component manufacturers might not provide Windows XP-compatible hhdx9000.

With the newer upgraded resolution and graphics I am pleased with the response though I am looking into getting a dual boot for XP since some of my programs run better … for now … on that OS. Obviously, performance numbers need to justify the hefty price tag.


I bought mine 2. Europe, Middle East, Africa. Better than the Dell XPS i had. The screen has taken a knock, apparently, and it is out of warranty. If the screen is not tilted facing directly at you, the sound will be considerably quieter and hollow.

Windows XP on HDX | NotebookReview

Hx9000 bought one of these in Here is a hyperlink to product page: The HDX’s thinner profile is more consistent with mainstream designs, as long as you can look past the inch screen.

Absolutely perfect for movies. Do not try to Run the program from the web.

I also really like the mouse buttons for the touchpad. The screen is however a reflective screen which helps produce the deep blacks and vivid colors, but also produce screen glare.