Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The first section [protman] defines the Protocol Manager. On 12 Dec this specification was released as an open standard, for anyone to implement. According to packet driver inventor FTP, adding a chain vector interrupt may improve packet processing speed and reliability. Now we install Microsofts MS Client patch. After we have configured NET.

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PC-IP was released with its source into the public domain. An example file with settings supposed for your card may be freefos on the CD or floppy that came with it and should be located in the same directory as the ODI driver.

This page has been accessedtimes. MS Client Set up a shared folder on your Host. The screenshot of “LAN Manager 2. The software was developed until v2. KA9Q attracted many contributors. This parameter defines the software interrupt vector used by the driver.


This will be explained in the next chapter. Retrieved from ” http: The first option ” 0x60 ” sets the software interrupt vector used by the driver. Look here for a complete history of the software.

Networking FreeDOS – Introduction – FreeDOS

Another special type of applications are network bootdisks, which are able to work with a broad range of hardware and use multiple protocols. So please be careful: If you try to load it like a tc, it will abort with the message ” run-time error R – not enough space for environment “.

EXE” from the directory C: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Especially exchanging files with the host is tricky. As you see in the tp above, the MLID communicates directly with the hardware of the network interface card.

How to exchange files between your host and your FreeDOS client. ZIP as well, which also includes several applications. How to exchange files between your host and your FreeDOS client. Please look up Novell’s or Microsoft’s websites and archives for more information about installation and configuration. Networking applications preinstalled are: Navigation menu Personal tools Log tdp.


The only thing you have tco correct manually is the IP of your router. Allow read and write access. Copyright c by Ulrich Hansen, Mainz Germany.

IP addresses and configuration

This document describes how to network a computer running FreeDOS. This was used by Windows for Workgroups 3. Other tasks were far more important: So use “Anonymous” as Logon Type in Filezila. Minuet provided a mouse driven graphical interface that integrated client applications as E-mail, Gopher, telnet, Usenet News, a web browser and FTP.

Other problems can be caused by the authentication methods that are used with Windows or Samba. Retrieved from ” http: