This is not required but some people like to keep things neat and clean Select the dialup-adapter you want to use for Internet by Satellite and select ” Settings “. Settings for all transponders are included , , and As a two-way system, CyberStream-VSAT eliminates the need for a terrestrial link to the Internet, which is particularly important in areas that lack a sufficient telecommunications infrastructure or in areas in which the infrastructure is prohibitively expensive. Select the ” Filter “-tab and add, in a similar fashion, the filters as shown on the transponder page. Other ISP will do just fine!

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Select the tab ” Connections “. Let’s check some settings for this card by clicking with the right mouse button on the ” Network Neighborhood ” icon on the Windows desktop and select the option ” Properties “. A two-way satellite communication system, CyberStream-VSAT enables corporations and service providers to offer fast Internet access, Virtual Private Networking, videoconferencing, large volume data transfer, multicasting, data broadcasting and push services.

Here you can also enter the username and password for the dialup adpater at the fields ” User name ” and ” Password “.

We recommend Windows 8. Windows will display a message that it found the Harmonic card. For the impatient like me It’s a short an quick briefing on how to install.


TBS8922 DVB-S2 TV Tuner PCI Card — Digital Satellite TV Tuner Card for PC

Check ” Search for the best driver for you device ” and select ” Next “. In the picture below marked as connector C see image at Step 5. Remove the screw and finally remove the “hood” of the PC-case. This is done by clicking ” Network Neighbourhood ” with the right mousebutton, and selecting ” Propert ies “.

The now following text is based on my own experiences and the experiences of others. I can’t guarantee that this is the best, fool proof method of installing. When double clicking the indicator, the signal and settingspanel will appear. Thanks for being here; We need your help. Search the WeetHet Pages. Do not power your computer yet!

Wireless video and data distribution methods. I use 3 dialup-adapters so switching between transponders is easier. Check, just to be sure, that the card is inserted correctly and not like often happens slightly tilted or not pressed far enough into the slot the golden contacts on the bottom of the card, should not be visible.

In this new dialog, if you want to install the software on a different location, then do this now by selecting ” Browse “.

TBS DVB-S2 TV Tuner PCI Card — Digital Satellite TV Tuner Card for PC

Search the WeetHet Pages. If the text appears in a different language, then use the little flag in the lower left corner to switch language. Windows will now inform you that it used the drivers and installed the card.


Other Windows version will show similar dialogs with the exception of Windows NT. NetCaptor however uses cyberstreeam Internet Explorer settings. Repeat these steps for the other transpondersen de Take a look at the Dialup-page for more information and tips. Next step is to enter the proper ” Port ” number Next step is to enter the proper ” Port ” number Our news coverage takes time and effort to publish days a year.

I don’t know if they will work with other versions of the drivers!

Select ” Finish ” to complete. Select ” Finish ” to complete. What ever you do: By my knowledge however, this is a very easy and good working method. If you experience problems mind you to change the same settings for ” LAN Settings ” as well.