Octopus F in Telekom Testlabor getestet. Select the option Search for the best driver for your device Recommended and confirm with Next. Select the option Search for a suitable driver for my device Recommended and confirm with Next. Select Search for the best driver in these locations and Include this location in the search. DLL or later provides its services to the telephone application and uses messages to report the actions and events that have been completed.

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You can do this as follows: Select the TSP and the communication platform and click Next.

List of available TAPI-drivers

Click here ta;i sign up. This can be done by starting the program Software in the Control Panel. Octopus F in Telekom Testlabor getestet.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The following information is based on in-house tests, manufacturer’s information or specialized press.

Download the current version of CallBridge and extract the contents of the ZIP file to a di- rectory of your choice. Double-click the file setup.

HiPath CallBridge Collection V Installation Manual | carlos martinez –

Most features are au- tomatically available on the telephone for the TAPI application. They can, however, be used by the TAPI application. This makes it possible for telephone applications to control telephones from the Windows op- erating system.


The dialing devices marked with “tested” were tested only for the respective version and configuration.

etSiemens Sample Program

Select CallBridge Collection and click Change. For assistance, ask your system administrator.

This means that you can make a call without needing to operate the telephone manually. Select CallBridge, and click Remove. If you want to use the cen- tral Outlook tapj book, you will also need another commercially available telephone appli- cation, such as Siemens HiPath SimplyPhone for Outlook V3.

You can configure addi- tional function keys on a key module. The following dialog will appear: If the computer and the telephone are connected via the USB cable, the Hardware wizard will start automatically.

Installation of the USB drivers see Chapter 3 2. Ask your system administrator for this password. TAPI is a standard defined by Microsoft that enables non-manufacturer-dependent telephone applications to be used on manufacturer-specific hardware. We do not accept any liability for the correctness of this information.

etSiemens Sample Program

Once the new telephone has been connected, the USB drivers are reinstalled via the hard- ware wizard. This document is dated December and is copyrighted to Siemens AG Ask your system administrator to set the parameters for each station on the communication platform in accordance with the examples given below. Additional keys In addition to the key assignment provided, the system administrator may also have set a num- ber of other keys.


Requirements Before you run this sample be sure that the Callbridge software provided with your telephone handset is properly installed or check with your PBX administrator.

If you selected one key module OR two key modules during configuration, the following dia- log will appear: These can only be used if the user is authorized for the relevant features: Every incorrectly made key setting will lead to errors during subsequent operation.

The Hardware wizard will be started automatically. See the fol- lowing example: