The clamshell does look good, but doesn’t work that well as a camera phone. Each group can be bound up with a ring tone or image. Select it, then wait. Under the keyboard one can find several rubber pads, preventing the screen from contacting with the buttons, however the framings themselves leave a lot of traces on the upper part of the display. BenQ and Siemens have plumped for a design that mimics the looks of the highly popular Motorola Razr phones.

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We then had to copy images over one at a time, because the program crashed when we tried to move multiple shots in one go. This means that your viewfinder is the small, postage stampsized display on the top of the phone – not quite the same as the Nokia N73 or Sony Ericsson Ki. Mera odara nahi hua hai kya hua to bol le ha ya na ordara nahi ho.

Charge 6 devices at one ef881. No more short of power sockets, no device in waiting for charge and no more keeping watch on charging at various places.

The model is replicating successful competitor and offers things that it is missing.

The phone advantage is case quality, sifmens used in it. How to Maxbhi How to manual’s. For each record you can see detailed information date and time. The glass is made of quartz, which guarantees steadiness against scratches.


The applied materials leave the impression of good quality siejens reliability of the device. Interface improvement was positive. Here are the facts.

Siemens Mobile division, over the past half-year of existence, has developed and released a number of products, at that the main aim, in order to maintain fading away sales, was copying a successful opponent.

Overall length of one record is siemend hours. A SIM-card should you pushed into the slot unless you hear a click, and in order to extract it, you need to press on the card. Any cell phone at or below these SAR levels that is, any phone legally sold in the U. My Account Sign in Create account.

Benq Siemens EF81 EL71 C81 S68 AF51 A31 Battery Charger

The events in calendar can be viewed monthly, weekly and daily. Just plug into any port and the charger will auto detect what ampere current to charge the device at. Noise, rattling is encountered only when the selected ring tone is not very suitable and the phone is located indoors.

The device offers the capability of recording up to voice labels, at that you can have several commands assigned to one contact. Your photos are on your Drive!

Simply plug it into an wall outlet and charge through a proper USB cable. Here are couple of posters that were typical for those times:. Yes, Manufacturing defects only. Considering maximal possible battery life this is more than enough.


Colors – Shows the number of colors that the additional display supports. All contacts may be sorted by e-mail, page URL, birthday or by mailing list, even more, all sorted entries are displayed in a separate window.

Besides you can limit MMS by genq a lot of network operators are limiting the size by kbanother separate option — maximal size allowed by network operator. This lack of features meant that the pictures we took with it weren’t as good as either the N73 or the Ki. Apple should stop making iPhone cases.

USB Datenkabel F. BenQ-Siemens Ef81

At that the phone numbers are displayed in a separate window, while fax numbers are located in private and business usbb. Capacity – The bigger, the better!

Main idea is minimalism e81 all settings, just find an object, press the button and get your photo. However, battery capacity is not the only factor that has an effect on battery life.